Snow Queen Mother

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Being remembered is such a huge part of our society now a days, I mean that's essentially what social media were made for. It's the reason FaceBook keeps trying to make us look at our "memories" everyday. So being surrounded by memories and capturing photos of friends and family is common in today's age. Sadly this wasn't the case when my Grandfather past on. Today we only have a hand full of photos of him, and that fact has always bothered me.

This past year I kept playing with the idea of doing a shoot with my Grandma. Didn't have to be fantasy I just wanted a portrait of her, but I kept pushing it back and pushing it back. Suddenly it's now the New year. I kept making excuses, that I was too busy, that I needed to get this edit done, and that video done. I put my work over a loved one, and yes, I feel guilty about that, and I've already started making some changes. I didn't want something to happen and regret being too busy.

I wanted to make her something from a fantasy world. A Snow Queen at the end of Winter, waiting for the snow to melt. This was my first ever photoshoot with a family member that was on my terms.

This shoot wasn't planned at all. Some of you guys don't know, but I am a currently staying with my parents to help take care of my Grandma. Last year she suffered a stroke and it's a blessing that she is still with us.

So starting with this shoot I'm going to be creating a small personal project to photograph people who've been a huge influence in my life. However, instead of the normal in studio portrait that I see done with personal projects, I wanted to bring them into my world. I didn't want them to be specific characters, I didn't want them to necessarily cosplay, but I want these portraits to be otherworldly. 

I wanted my Grandma's photos to reflect this sombre season, and give a sense of waiting. Waiting for the season to end, for the snow to melt, and for us to see our loved ones again.

Recently Grandma has gained a ton of traction on social media which was completely unexpected and we're completely and utterly blown away by the reactions. With so many responses there were many requests for prints, and want to support this project. Prints are now available which all proceeds will be going straight back into this project. Making costumes for each family and friend won't be cheap, and you can always become a sponsor on Patreon. 

Patreon is a monthly subscription platform for fans to directly support their favourite artists. For us smaller artist every dollar counts. If it wasn't for my sponsors on patreon this shoot and this project would have never happened.

For more information about my Patreon and the bang, you'll get for your buck follow this link

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