Booking Information


To book and reserve your time slot I do require full payment. I have done deposits in the past; however, hunting down photoshoot balances months after the convention has driven me to this point. To this day, I still have payments unfulfilled, so I cannot back down on this. Payments are also non-refundable and are to be made through Paypal. The rates for your photoshoot do not include print licenses.

I fully research your character(s) prior to your shoot. This means I watch the shows and movies, I read the manga and comics, and I watch playthroughs of the games. I also create a mood board based around your shoot. So by the time our shoot begins I already have an idea and a goal for your portraits. However, if you're running late to the shoot you will lose that time. I try to be flexible, I understand the crowds and crazy elevator con, but please do your best to be on time. Communication is key the best to get a hold of me is through email ( If you know there's going to be a scheduling conflict at least a day in advance, I will do my best to move your shoot. However, it is not guaranteed.

Additional editing done by anyone besides myself, (Alexandra) is prohibited. However, if you're wanting additional editing please contact me first for additional information. Convention shoots do NOT include printing rights. Redistribution for profit is prohibited unless you've talked to me about it first. Using my images for banners, promotional material, and business cards, are fine.

Additional photos or edits can be purchased after the photoshoot. These additional photos do not include a print license.

GROUPS: With group shoots, everyone in the group will also receive their own individual photos along with the group & subgroups shots.


Natural editing includes: Skin and costume retouching, Body paint retouching, color grading, and lens flare/ filters. Small edits.

Moderate editing includes: Skin and costume retouching, color grading, lens flare/ filters, and larger composites such as fireballs, bullets coming out of guns, sparks, smoke, special effects, and minor background distractions.  Medium edits.

Full Composite editing includes: Everything from the Moderate edit and then some. So huge composites, putting you in space or in your character's environment, wastelands, large background replacements. Also, think movie poster kind of edits. Large edits. 

You can see examples of my editing HERE

*Booking forms will be linked  and green when open*




Base price: $200 [ two hour shoot time, 10 finalized images, natural editing]. 

Base price may increase for travel and venue rentals. Additional add-ons are available as follows: 

Additional people: $50 per person including 10 additional images

Additional Hours: $75 including 5 additional images (Natural Edits)

•  Additional Cosplays: $100 including 10 additional images ( Natural Edits) 

Additional Photos & Editing: Per Photo

        - Natural Editing $25

        - Moderate Editing $50

        - Full Composite $120

Editing Commissions