MomoCon 2019

 Heading to MomoCon wasn't originally on my list of conventions for 2019. However, when my good friend Casey Renee Cosplay was chosen to be a guest at the convention, I was more than happy to help her at her booth, and of course book a few shoots while I was there.

MomoCon for me was alright, it was honestly interesting being in Atlanta, but not for DragonCon. Plus also being on the other side of Downtown Atlanta on the Olympic Park side and find new locations for shoots! Also, I will say that the parking garage that was close to the convention center was freaking dope. It was probably one of my favorite locations while I was there. 

I know locals hate it when we call Atlanta Hot-lanta but damn it was hot and muggy during the weekend, which made me have to work super fast so my clients didn't overheat. 

I'm not sure if I will be returning to MomoCon next year. I think it would honestly have to depend on when it will be and also if I can swing a free badge or not, but I did enjoy, my time there this year. In the meantime here are all of my shoots from MomoCon 2019 

Miles Morales : Jounin K

Princess Peach Bride : Valkyrie Cosplay

Road Hog : Bep Cosplays

Ariel : Casey Renee Cosplay 

Connor from Detroit Become Human : Phoenix Ash

Bob and Ashe : MirrorBright Cosplay 

Currently booking for GalaxyCon Louisville, and on-location shoot if you're interested in either of these then check out my photography form Here