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GenCon 2019

GenCon is always a convention that I look forward to the most every year. It's the convention that honestly started it all. It was my very first convention that I cosplayed at, very first time I did convention cosplay shoots, and also got paid for said cosplay photoshoot and the very first convention that I ever been to. So it really does hold a special place in my heart. It's the greatest four days of tabletop gaming and I will always go to it no matter what other convention overlaps it.

Also, first things first I had the opportunity to photograph Maerada Damilu again, but this time it was her very own original character from her RPG campaign. I love shooting original characters because they mean so much more to their creators who cosplay them.  I got to hear about their stories and quirks and it was just really cool and fun. I would honestly love to photograph more original characters in the future is I have a chance. 

During GenCon, I wanted to try and do something a little different and try and shoot more off-site of the convention center and I was happy to say I found a few new locations and that I really really liked! One was this metal green staircase that I used shooting the wonderful Rogue Panda as Fat Gum.

Another area was actually inside the convention center, but it was these massive windows that made fantastic soft light! Which was perfect for EXF cosplay's  KDA Akali! 

Captian Korra : Maerada Damilu

Fat Gum from My Hero Acadamia : Rogue Panda

KDA Akali : EXF Cosplay 

Jester from Critical Role : Sunset Dragon

One of the coolest locations that I get to shoot at while going to GenCon has to be the Capital building. The top floor is absolutely stunning and the workers are always super nice. As long as you are respectful of the grounds and inside they don't have a problem of you doing shoots. Though I will say there are usually tours going on so do expect from eyes, and also they'll probably ask you what state you're from. This is always a really freaking cool location to shoot at and it's only a few blocks away.

While at the capitol building I did get to shoot the wonderful Sunset Dragon in her Jester cosplay. I wanted it to have that rich feel similar to The Pillow Trove. The swarm of CriticalRole cosplays at this year's Gencon was insane, and I absolutely loved it. I honestly hope the turn out of Critters happens again in 2020 because I would love to shoot more here at the capital building!

Speaking critters, I also had a lot of fun doing a mini shoot with the wonderful April Gloria in her closet cosplay Caduceus. I honestly wouldn't mind doing more closet cosplay shoots, or nerdy fashion shoots. It would bring me back to my roots with commercial and fashion photography, and would just be a lot of fun to do. 

Brave Sir Robin: Bithlord 

Keyleth from Critical Role: Ginny Di

 THESE PEOPLE ARE MAGIC. I got to work with Ginny Di at GenCon because of the wonderful Weirwood Gaming who brought her out the East coast. I really really hope they bring her out more because I do miss my critter friend and it's rare that I get to hang with her, let alone work with her. However, I'm so happy that I was able to capture her new Keyleth cosplay. I've started watching the first campaign of Critical Role and I'm already loving it.  Like I said earlier this convention was very Critter heavy and I really hope that it turns the tide for more cosplays at this con. 

Speaking of Critters I also got to work with the freaking wonderful Terrible Trio, who I met for the first time back in TwitchCon 2018. I had no idea that they were going to be at GenCon, but let me just say they were definitely a large magical part of my GenCon.  I'm very happy I was able to squeeze in a quick photoshoot with their freaking AMAZING Critical Role cosplays. Like you guys Hannah's Molly cloak is INSANE, and I got to wear it for a little bit and it was amazing. 

Molly Mauk, Fjord, Caduceus Clay from Critical Role: Terrible Trio Creations

  Pumat Sol from Critical Role: Average Calamities

Princess Lolipop: Nina London Cosplay

Guts and Griffith: Thousand Faces Cosplay 

Lord Adraas from Star Wars: Viking Wrex

Regency Rey & Regency Holdo from Star Wars : Saragobragh and Jglinzak

Adaire Ducarte - Friends at the Table: Turnfolio

Chesire Cat: Nina London

Ruby of the Sea & Jester from Critical Role: Ginny Di and April Gloria

Lup from the Adventure Zone: Rhi from nowhere

Caleb: Bigbuff_acepuff, Jester: SideKicktetra, Fjord: Tulomne, Caduceus: Carvingknife, Beau: Sassyhedgie, Nott: Galaxy_captain 

All characters from Critical Role