Anime Expo is one of the largest Anime conventions in the U.S. It's a literal monster of a convention that I've always wanted to go to just to experience it, and this year was the year. So many people being compact in a convention center what could possibly happen that would shake everyone to their core.... How about two Earthquakes? That was one of the wildest experiences I've ever had.  It was like I was on a boat on the ocean, except I was in a house. Thank California I hated it.  However, the convention was a whole lot of fun. As a photographer, I shot most of my shoots outside, and I was expecting there to be more of a crowd on the outside of the convention center. However, it was really manageable and there was plenty of room and areas for shoots. 

One of my main goals for this convention was to make sure I do not use the palm leaves around the convention because I've personally just seen too many photos of cosplayers in them, and I just didn't want it. It's kind of like going to KatsuCon and trying to avoid the famous Gazebo for photoshoots. Now there definitely a photographer area at this convention, it's called the horseshoe that's right next to a parking garage. I was a little surprised to see just how many lighting set up's with actual studio strobes there were. However, being that we were in California I really shouldn't be surprised. I am still getting used to the differences between West coast conventions and East coast conventions. 

Regardless this convention was a lot of fun and I absolutely loved getting to work with everyone. I'm not quite sure if I would come back next year, but we'll have to wait and see!

Cosplayer: Aristargirl

Cosplayer: Jesters Labyrinth

Cosplayer: Maiomi Cosplay

Cosplayers: RENNAgade Cosplay & Seebowgo

One thing that I try to while at conventions is to see how much I can push my luck with photographing inside hotels. For this shoot, I needed to try and find a space that was clean simple, and hopefully has a little bit of an elegant feel. There's only so much you can do at a larger convention with ball gowns and formal wear because the last place I wanted to photograph these two was a parking garage.   

Cosplayer: Kitsine Mimi


Cosplayer: Schmemy

Give me all of your Critical Role cosplays. I will forever love photographing from this series! Also this area with these beautiful bent and twisting trees outside of the convention center, and I was actually surprised there weren't more cosplay photographers using the area. This was a perfect location for any semblance of a foresty area for fantasy cosplays. 

Cosplayer: Christina

Untitled photo
Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Cosplayer : Anexagoras

Cosplayer: apt_designs

Cosplayer:  Puddingkinghts

Currently booking for GalaxyCon Louisville, and on-location shoot if you're interested in either of these then check out my photography form Here

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