AX 2019 Spotlight

Hi everyone! I wanted to try something a little different with my blog posts and actually have spotlight entries with a select amount of images from my shoots at conventions. To start it off here is a small spotlight of my time at Anime Expo! 

 First up we have on IG in her Frame Arms Girl cosplay. She is my very first mech girl cosplay and lite me just say this cosplay was super freaking cute. We have some plans for an awesome composite coming up so you guys will have to keep your eyes open! 

Die, Die, DIE.... I was absolutely dead when I saw Apt_designs building his LuBu Reaper on Instagram. I'm So happy not only got to see it in person but also got to capture, and I'm really excited to transport this character into the middle of china town. This is going to be another cosplay that I plan on compositing. I'm definitely planning on streaming this one on Twitch, just because I have some big ideas, and I want to make it into a speed edit. I'm not going to lie to you guys. 

Oh my gosh so heading to this shoot my friend and assistant Sammy told me she didn't recognize any of the cosplayers that I had booked for AX. First, shoot of Saturday right when I was about to introduce her we were greeted by screaming voices. Turns out that Jesters Labyrinth and Sammy actually DID know each other, and I am still cackling about that.  After doing some research on this character it's made me realize.... I'm really freaking behind on Miraculous Lady Bug. 

Next, we have the golden Anexagoras as the 1984 newly released Wonder Woman. Which honestly through me for a loop. When researching for this skin I did not put two and two together.  I went into this shoot thinking about Wonder Woman in her red, blue, and gold glory, not our golden goddess that got a crazy rainbow-ish poster recently.  However, I love Wonder Woman so luckily I already knew what we were going to do. 

There are not enough kind words I can say about Aristargirl. She was so freaking kind and an absolute joy to work with, not to mention her cosplay that she was still working on the morning before the shoot was absolutely breathtaking. I'm an absolute sucker when it comes to detailed cosplay and her's was right on the money. Since we were in downtown LA there wasn't a lot of foliage around. However, there were these clusters of trees that if framed well hid most of the people at Anime Expo. I totally came back to this area for more photoshoots. I really hope to work with her again in the future! 

Speaking of detail! Both Rennagade Cosplay and Seebowgo Trinity Blood cosplays were freaking amazing and stunning to see in person. I really wish I had been able to see them perform at the World Cosplay Summit. I'm still trying to find videos of all of the skits. I guess I'll have to wait and see! At the very end of this shoot, we were actually told that we weren't supposed to shoot at the Marriot.... obviously, we didn't listen, and I'm very happy with the outcome so far from this shoot. 

Remember when I said I really enjoyed these cluster of trees that were in front of the convention center, well, we're back! I wanted to bring Puddingknights's Odoagron Monster Hunter cosplay to a more forest area. Also, one of my goals for Anime Expo was to not shoot in the Palm Leaves area. I didn't want to have the same foliage as everyone else. I also wanted to alter the tree's color to a more fall feeling to semi match the red armor. I love MonsterHunter armor, they're probably hands down some of my favorite because there are so many different verities to them and not to mention some of them have a crazy about of details, that I absolutely love! 

When Maiomi Cosplay and her friend Christina contacted me for a photo shoot they wanted to have their shoots back to back. Which if I'm able to make possible, then I'll make it happen. We started shooting at the Staples Center at the convention however we were then kicked out, but that did stop us! I always found it weird when buildings wouldn't allow you to photograph on the outside. Apparently, throughout the convention area, there were a lot of photographers getting kicked out of areas. However, if there's anything that convention photography has taught me it's to make it work. 

Critical Role cosplayers will always have a freaking place in my heart, and Schmemy's  Moly Mauk was so freaking beautiful and  I loved it! I definitely wanted to add her Molly Mauk into the little halo series I've been working on for a while. She also had the Vox Macina tarot cards so of course, we had to use them for the halo. Death and the fool being two fo the main cards at the top and the rest having a few other meanings.  My goal is to always try and make the internet cry so I decided to focus a few of her images around the Death Card, because reasons.  

Last but certainly not least we have Kitsine Mimi and her  Sword Maiden cosplay from Goblin Slayer. I absolutely loved that anime so I was more than happy to work with Mimi. Oh did I mention that I also loved this little forest area, it made framing my subject within the trees to block out other attendees a lot easier.   

Currently booking for SDCC, GenCon, and DragonCon! You can find the photography forms here.