When I was a little girl being a Disney princess was never on the agenda. I wanted to be like the rough and sassy space princess I grew up watching. My first big screen movie was Empire Strikes Back when they rereleased it. I remember wanting to learn how to swing a light saber, and having a crush on Luke. I wanted to believe in the force. I was a part of the generation that grew up with the Pre-Sequels, which only grew my love. not to mention have a huge crush on Anakin only to have my heart broken when I put the puzzle pieces of who he was. Star Wars has always been a part of my life, when JediManda told me about Star Wars Celebration nothing was going to stop me from going!

The Raise of Vader

I was quite nervous going to my first Florida convention. I’m always weary of conventions and states that I’ve never worked in before. You just never know how booking and cosplayers are going to react to pricing and what not. However, I was pleasantly surprised and worked with so many different people, old and new. It was amazing!

 The convention center was fantastic. It was surrounded by foliage and interesting looking walk ways that could easily look futuristic. The weather was hot but had fantastic breeze. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t see as many cosplay shoots happening outside!

Another reason why I was a little surprised not seeing that many cosplay photographers out is because during this convention you’re not supposed to shoot inside. However, if you go up to the third-floor area towards hall C there is plenty of space to have a studio set up, and hardly anyone is up there. It’s mainly a place to rest, so it can easily be used for shoots.

While at the convention I had the absolute pleasure of getting to not only work with the beautiful Chris Cotter again, but I also got to photograph her whole family. Let me just say they brought their ‘A’ game. Their cosplays were so on point it was amazing and I highly encourage families to do group cosplays because this was just fantastic. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

The dealers hall was absolutely packed and filled to the brim, but it was so worth it. There were huge sculptures of ATAT, ___round , Rey’s Jakku cycle, and so much more! The art gallery Plus the venders were awesome. I will be going back in 2019.