Last year at Katsucon I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jackie Craft and become friends with her. This year I ran into her again on much warmer circumstance. I can’t say enough good things about this woman, she is so freaking skillful, talented, and all around nice person.

After one of my shoots I noticed that the Armored Care Bear group was down the beach. My first intention was to snag a quick shot of Jackie and maybe the group. However, that quickly change in to a larger mini shoot, and suddenly I was working with cosplayers I’ve been watching for the past year. I’m super humbled that they were willing to take five minutes for an individual shot.

Photographer: Alexandra Brumley <br />
Models: Jackie Craft <br />
Art Concept: Becka Noel<br />
Con: Katsucon 2017

My only regret during this shoot was that I didn’t have a lot of time and I had to literally run to my next photoshoot. I would have loved to have done a larger group photo and Individual shots of the guys. However, I’m still very happy I could get as many shots as I did before I had to leave.

It’s better to ask and be rejected then to not ask and never know. So, if you see a cosplayer you want to shoot always ask. Unless they’re sitting and eating of course, try and find them later.