BLOG - Alexandra Lee Studios

The making of the Velkhana armor for San Diego ComicCon. 

Photo overview of my time at Anime Expo 2019.

MomoCon 2019 Overview!

Star Wars Celebration 2019 overview!

We made our way to The Kentucky Castle Renfaire, and though it was crowded with people managed to capture some great shots!

A first look spotlight of my shoots at Anime Expo 2019!

C2E2 2019 photoshoots and overview!

The beginning of a new project starting with Grandma Mosley as the Snow Queen Mother. (Photos are available for purchase.)

Behind the scenes of my shoot with JediManda and her gorgeous queen Amidala cosplay. 

Star Wars Celebration was hands down my favorite convention of the year, and the cosplays were amazing too! 

I found my Knights at Katsucon! Quickest Group shoot to date! 

An overview and behind the scenes of Magfest 2017!

A collection of the amazing and skilled cosplayers I had the pleasure of shooting during 2016.

When Sailor Scouts and the Mad Max world collide. 

Tackling one of my largest shoots to date with some of the most Marvelous girls in comic book world. 

My time shooting some of the biggest names in cosplay, all while trying not to get eaten by them! 

An overview of my time at Pax South 2016. Including photoshoots, insight on locations, is the convention photographer friendly and much more!