MAD MOON - Alexandra Lee Studios

Saturday morning of Dragoncon is the quite before the storm for costographers that book shoots. Most cosplayers Saturday morning are in the Dragoncon parade and usually never book shoots. My shoots that morning had to cancel which does suck, because I do love working with new people. However, having a 3 hour break before my next shoot to enjoy the parade from my hotel room was a definite plus.


While watching the parade I saw my next scheduled photoshoot riding an awesome decked out jeep. It was my Mad Moon cross over group. This was the first time seeing them, and man I was excited! I couldn’t help but text Kristi (GeekyGamerGirl) my excitement and where to meet up.

Mad Max: Neo Queen

I have worked with Kristi before during my previous Dragon*Con so I was more than happy when she contacted me for this group. Funny enough we ended up at the same location we shot last year and it was perfect. Now it was in the middle of the desert we can only ask downtown Atlanta for so much. However, a nearly empty parking structure with a high sun gave up the Apocalypse feel that we were looking for.

This was probably one of my favorite shoots during DragoCon. I love Mad Max and I grew up on Sailor Moon so to have something in the middle was very exciting to me!