This shoot was so huge,  to say it wasn’t a challenge would be a lie. I’m not one to turn down a challenge by any means, but this was a crazy one.  This group was of 20 beautiful women that I was more than happy to work with!  

A group of 20 that would also include individual photo is to this date the largest group I’ve ever shot. It took a hot minute and luckily was my last shoot of the day. When I arrived to our location the girls were already lined up on the stairs and there were about 10-12 photographers shooting away. If you know me I don’t like having the same exact shot as everyone else, and I make it a point to make it different. This is one of those times that I should have bit the bullet and taken a stair case shot that everyone else had.

I took the girls across the hall were a long counter with a beautiful copper piece of fine art hung on the wall, and started to gather everyone. Many of the girls had to leave early so trying to round up 20 girls was an interesting experience. After capturing a few of the large group, next would be getting everyone’s individual image. This took just a little bit longer, and unfortunately a couple of the girls left before I could get a hold of them, but the majority did stay.

During what I thought was my shoot time it turned out there were multiple photographers invited to this private session. As a photographer I was a little taken back by this, because now I had to try again to make my images original, and try not to get in the way of the other photographers. So in the future if you plan on booking shoots with multiple photographers back to back, please make them aware of this so we’re not stepping on anyone’s toes.

One after the other I was able to capture the elegance in everyone’s ball gown and the obvious hard work they spent on them. I loved this shoot because it brought two aspects of my photography that I loved, fashion and nerdy-ness.

Editing these images was a pleasure and I’m really pleased with the outcome of each individual image. However, when it came to the full group images I had fallen short. This is where I should have bitten the bullet and taken the staircase shot. This was a learning lesson for the future, and a life lesson all in one. It’s better to take the images that everyone has and have it, then take an original image and not be pleased with it. However, we did take some great goofy shots which the girls enjoyed just as much, which was my saving grace.

Loved working with these ladies, and I hope I run into them again in the future!