About - Alexandra Lee Studios

I've always been an outgoing and creative person; however, photography wasn't my first passion. When I was little and asked what I wanted to be, my heart was set on being an artist. I was always doodling on anything I could get my hands on. I was definitely one of those kids that you couldn't leave alone with a bare wall and crayons. It wasn't until I traveled outside of Kentucky for the first time that I received my first camera. It was a small point and shoot camera, but my love for photography was instant. With the opportunity to travel I was exposed to many different cultures and scenery. I wanted to capture the world through my lens. A few years later I received my first DSLR , and with it a love for portrait photography.

One thing I will say about myself is that I am a nerd. I love the fantastical world that books, movies, and video games throw you in. I am inspired by the art and freedom the fictional world gives, which is one reason why I enjoy shooting Cosplay. Being able to make these characters come to life is really exciting, and satisfies my inner 12 year old. However, I still tear out pages of fashion magazines and geek out over lighting, and try to figure out how the photographer captured the light and his subject. My passion is portrait photography and making art with my camera. I love directing models, and making my artistic vision become a reality.

I've been blessed to meet so many people during my journey, and I can't wait to see what life throws at me next.